Terms & Conditions


  • No quotation by Duo shall constitute an offer.
  • Goods & Services Tax ("GST") sales tax or any other applicable tax or duty payable shall be paid by or re-imbursed by the Customer to Duo on demand, and the customer shall indemnify and keep indemnified Duo in respect of all taxes and duties including GST arising out of any sale of goods or the subsequent use of goods after teh sale to the Customer.


  • Prices quoted are indicative only and subject to change without notice. 
  • Pricing quoted on Duo's website are exclusive of GST & Freight.

Terms of Payment:

  • Unless otherwise stated in writing all prices are strictly nett.  The granting of credit to a Customer shall be the absolute discretion of Duo and unless otherwise demanded by Duo the Customer shall make payment of all amounts payable within (30) days from date of invoice.

Our Services:

Would you like to expand your sales and marketing opportunities?  Duo are there to help.  We offer a range of services that can be tailorred to your copmany's needs and objecctives.


All staff maintain an absolute focus on a small, select group of vendors.  Because of this ew can:

  • Provide a highly skilled and knowledgable sales team
  • Deliver business development support with end-user customers
  • Develop tailored sales tools to expand business
  • Conduct extensive product & sales training
  • Maintain an intimitate understanding of our customers business.


  • Partner marketing programs for vendors & customers
  • Promotions, incentivies and POS


Our absolute focus on a selected group of vendors enables us to maintain a consistent and strong stock supply of all product lines.  Our outstanding relationships with our vendors means we can delivery with surperb accuracy.  We understand that getting it right the first time is of utmost importance to both our customers and suppliers.

The success of our approach can be seen in our solid reputation for outstanding service and support, this is demonstrated through long term relationships and the satisfaction levels of our vendors, channel partners and all staff.



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