Duo is committed to your privacy.

In accordance with the principles for the fair handling of personal information as set out in the Privacy Act 1993, we will provide you with your personal information at any time that you request it.

What personal information do we retain?

Duo keeps details of your physical address, postal address, phone, fax, Director details and email addresses only.  We maintain these records in order to supply correct account & invoicing details.

Who can access your data?

Only specified Duo staff members are able to access your data. From time to time, we may share this data with outside parties, for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Requested credit check
  • Marketing campaign

We understand that privacy is important to you and we have robust systems in place to protect it. We do advise that we do not share your username and password with outside parties.

Policy Changes

Duo reserves the right to revise this privacy policy. Any new policy details will be posted to this page on our website. New policy details will not apply to you retroactively.

If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy, please direct your requests to:

The Privacy Officer
Duo NZ Ltd
Level 4, Panama House,
22 Panema St, WELLINGTON.



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