Duo are a "memory specialist" with over 16 years experience in the NZ marketplace. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, information and tools to upgrade legacy and current systems.

Our specialty is upgrading server memory.  Whether you are purchasing a new server or upgrading legacy system, we are always on hand to assist and provide the most cost effective solution.

All our product is 100% compatible with the OEMs and is manufactured using "original DRAM" and IC Boards.

All product is board-level branded for easy identification.

Duo’s Distinguishing Proposition

  • Low Risk - SimplePlus Server memory carries a Lifetime warranty, which is enhanced with our forward replacement strategies tailored for the Reseller.  Duo hold ample stock in our Wellington warehouse.
  • Reliable - SimplePlus meets and exceeds the specifications of the product required.  SimplePlus memory under goes rigorous testing at the factory, then ships in individual anti-static packaging.
  • Value - Duo understands our costs and the memory market.  Our commitment is to provide the Reseller Channel with the best value for money.
  • Credible - Duo is an extremely successful local product distributor, 100% New Zealand owned and operated.  Our expertise is in the supply of memory products underpinned by a large installed end-user base within the government and corporate markets.
  • Flexible - Our procedures are not process bound, we can be innovative in our approach as owners/operators, therefore offering the end-user such value adds as logistic stock at no extra charge to carry as instant replacement warranty stock.
  • Guaranteed Compatibility - SimplePlus Server memory is designed, manufactured and tested to industry standards (i.e. JEDEC), and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) system specification.  SimplePlus Server memory products are guaranteed to be 100% compatibility tested.  With their specific solutions, Duo guarantees their server memory upgrades to be compatible with the system or family of systems they are intended for.  Our server memory products provide you with OEM equivalent solutions that are specific to your application, ensuring your system warranty will not be voided.