HP SIEM Arcsight

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

A comprehensive Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) solution that enables cost-effective compliance and provides advanced security analytics to identify threats and manage risk, so you can protect your business.

White Paper (PDF 511 KB)

Key benefits and features:

Real Time Threat Detection

Transform Big Data into actionable security intelligence by using real-time correlation combined with powerful security analytics with ArcSight ESM and ArcSight Express.

Simplified Compliance

Reduce the cost and effort needed to meet compliance and regulatory requirements with ArcSight Logger or Compliance Insight Packages.

Manage Risk

Manage security risks specific to your business with ESM Risk Insight.

Detect Insider Threats

Spot abnormal user behavior and prevent threats to your sensitive data with ArcSight User Behavior Analytics.

Application Monitoring

Eliminate your application blind spot and gain full visibility into your apps with ArcSight Application View.

Identify APIs

Identify and react to Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) through suspicious pattern discovery and automated response with ArcSight Threat Detector, ArcSight Threat Response Manager, and Reputation Security Monitor (RepSM).