The Data Locker® Secure Drive was created to give you peace of mind in the event that your data is lost or stolen.

Your data is secured by an up-to 18 digit PIN number which is entered directly on the device itself. The Data Locker utilizes a hardware based encryption chip to seamlessly encrypt and decrypt your data using military grade AES / CBC mode encryption.

Security Threats

Portable storage media is a vulnerability to organizations' security systems which is often neglected. Even if "secure" storage products are utilized, threats still abound.

Key Loggers

Key logging malware, hardware or spyware simply records ALL the users key strokes and passes the log onto the initiator. Since most security products and systems rely on passwords which are input on the affected computers keyboard, key loggers can be used to bypass almost all conventional authentication schemes. The DataLocker's on-device touch screen eliminates the threat of key loggers by bypassing the host computer completely. The password is entered directly on the touch screen panel which prevents any chance for a password interception.


Malware which targets USB Mass Storage Devices, often targets either the devices file system or boot sector. The DataLocker actively scans its hard drive to detect if any attempts are made to alter its file system or boot sector, prompting the user to approve or cancel the change. Due to its platform independent design, the DataLocker performs this at the device level, it cannot be compromised by a vulnerable host system.

Shoulder Hacking

Often the most nefarious security threats are sitting right next to you. "Shoulder Hacking" is simply having someone looking over your should as you enter a password. The DataLocker thwarts shoulder hackers with its rotating keypad which place alters the location of the keys on every authentication attempt.

Fingerprint Lifting

The DataLockers rotating keypad also thwarts fingerprint lifts which attempt to deduce passwords by the fingerprints left on specific keys. Also, biometric drives are particularly vulnerable.

Cold Boot Attacks

Security experts have identified specific vulnerabilities to software based encryption software. Fortunately, the DataLocker is immune to these types of attacks.