Check Point - 3D Security

Check Point's new vision redefines security by combining policies, people and enforcement for unbeatable protection

Check Point 3D Security vision redefines security as
a 3-dimensional business process that combines policies, people and enforcement for stronger protection across all layers of security-including network, data and endpoints. To achieve the level of protection needed in the 21st century, security needs to grow from a collection of disparate technologies to an effective
business process. With 3D Security, organizations can now
implement a blueprint for security that goes beyond technology
to ensure the integrity of all information security.


Security starts with a widely understood and well-defined policy-closely aligned to business needs and strategies. Yet, many organizations today do not have such a policy; instead companies rely on a collection of system-level checks and disparate technologies. This can reduce the level of organizational security while increasing the cost of compliance and corporate governance reporting.

Today's corporations can now develop a blueprint that supports their corporate and governance needs, while strengthening their information security. Check Point R75 provides a strong foundation for 3D security in a single, unified solution that promotes the definition of a security policy and process that's aligned to user and business needs.


Users of IT systems are an integral part of the security process. It is often users who make mistakes that result in malware infections and information leakage. While security should be as seamless and transparent to users as possible, the most effective security is one that engages and educates users on security policy enforcement-as well as their expected behavior when accessing corporate networks and data.

Check Point R75 brings a differentiated, modern approach to security by providing a combination of robust security technology and user awareness. Check Point's unique UserCheck technology engages employees in the remediation of potential security incidents and enables IT administrators to tailor policies based on level of risk and user needs.


Network security is about gaining better control over all layers of protection. In a world of too many disparate point products, organizations often lose-rather than gain-control over their security. In addition, security systems are only reporting on violations and not proactively enforcing policy in many cases. Companies can achieve a higher level of visibility and control by consolidating their security infrastructure and using systems that prevent security incidents rather than just detecting them.

Check Point R75 enables customers to extend the firewall into a multi-function and multi-dimensional gateway that consolidates protection into a single, unified solution.