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Introducing the Duo Management Team!

Jackie Hatchwell, Co-Founder/Director


Kendra Ross and I co-founded Duo New Zealand & Duo International Pty Limited back in 1994.  Since then, my goal has been to differentiate Duo through outstanding customer service, unparalleled product knowledge and support, and a unique, fun approach to business.

Born and bred in Wellington, I quickly developed a successful career in IT marketing support and sales, rising to senior management positions in Imagineering, Tech Pacific & Melco.  After taking a three month break to start my beautiful family, I returned to the work-force and collaborated with Kendra to establish Duo New Zealand.

At Duo, I'm putting my 24 years experience in IT distribution and sales to ensure we provide customers with a unique value proposition.  I pride myself on my ability to understand and solve customers' challenges.  Together with our fantastic team, we've made Duo the leading distributor for Proprietary memory and IronKey security products in New Zealand, with offices in Wellington, Melbourne and Sydney.

"Throughout my career, I've learned that customers value first-class service and product knowledge, but the nature of the IT industry also means it can at times be tenuous - so we work hard at Duo to ensure our staff and customers have as much fun as possible along the way.  Duo is so much more that the products we sell. Never underestimate your people."

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Kendra Ross, Co-Founder/Director


 I too hail from Wellington.  After a stint overseas and time studying at Massey University in Palmerston North, I came back to the windy city to start my IT career.

Following management roles at Epson, Melco (where I worked with Jackie) and Orgio, I joined forces with Jackie to set up DUO; our goal to build a brand and a business that we could take nationally and then internationally. We wanted to create a company that our partners would have fun dealing with, while still build a strong business based on exceptional customer service and expert knowledge.  

Our objectives with DUO were to be a niche operator, representing leaders in their markets. We see ourselves as an extension of our vendors not just as order takers, which have led to developing long-standing relationships and significant success for our vendor partners.  

As both Jackie and I are mothers, at DUO we have created an environment that is supportive of families and has a work / life balance philosophy. Outside of DUO I have had the joy of helping out with my kids sporting activities; over the last three years coaching my son’s T-ball team in summer and winter helping out with my daughter’s sports where I can or when Wellington weather allows!  

I believe in building communities to support and share knowledge which has been our approach at DUO, so in 2008 I co-founded 1stTuesday, New Zealand’s first network solely for IT Security professionals. We now have 300+ members from across the country.  

"My inspiration and creativity comes from others around me - we have a wonderfully collaborative team at DUO. I am truly excited about the future of our company and look forward to growing our products and our team in the coming years."

Ph: +64 4 9393 993 | Fax: +64 4 9393 994 | Mobile: +64 21 459 882

Jo Haanstra, National Sales Manager


Like Jackie, I was born in Wellington.  The Duo team plucked me from the recruitment industry and gave me the opportunity to be Duo's Account Manager. My primary focus was relationship management and growing the existing Reseller channel.  But my ambition to discover new business and my ability to take staff along with me led me to becoming National Sales Manager in 2008.

Six years on, I now have sole responsibility for generating end user demand through an intimate relationship model which has proven to be highly successful.  We've worked hard to build our relationships, and the many preferred supplier agreements that we now have in place through our fabulous Reseller Channel are testament to this.

To me partnering means joining forces on a professional level so that both sides compliment one another. Great business partnerships are founded on trust, knowledge and service that result in the perfect union of companies who work together to achieve great results.

Duo has been blessed with great people and we all get along fabulously.  We share stories about life, love and business and we find moments to laugh and enjoy each others company. We genuinely care about each other – personally and professionally – and, as a result, we have built strong, trusting relationships with each other. This kind of working relationship is what feeds our passion for what we love to do and our clients benefit because they feel our passion for their business and the desire to help them become more successful.

Ph: +64 4 9393 993 | Fax: +64 4 9393 994 | Mobile: +64 21 459 884



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